Case Study: Revolutionising HR in a Retail Environment with Nine2Five

The best way to understand the effect Nine2five can have is to see how it works in a real, living, breathing company. This is a case study of how it improved a retail business.

The Background

About Shop X (not their real name)

Multiple branches across the country with a workforce of about 100, quite high staff turnover. 

Challenges faced: Keeping HR organised with managing employee holidays, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, onboarding new staff, conducting training, and tracking performance evaluations. Keeping on top of this was becoming increasingly complex. This was when they got in touch with Nine2five for a solution.


Optimized Workforce Management:


The complexity of managing 100 employees, a mix of part-time and full-time, across multiple branches, had been a daunting task. While Nine2Five couldn’t directly assign shifts by the hour, it proved invaluable in helping managers make informed decisions about scheduling.


One of the standout features was the ability to track when employees were working, on holiday, on sick leave, or off for other reasons. This information became a crucial tool for managers when planning shifts. They could glance at the app and see who was available, allowing for better shift allocation and reducing scheduling conflicts.


Holiday requests were another game-changer. Employees could easily request time off through the app, eliminating the need for paperwork. This not only saved time but also improved communication. Both managers and the head office had real-time visibility into holiday requests, making it a breeze to approve or deny where appropriate.


While the software couldn’t handle the nitty-gritty of hourly shift assignments, it provided an essential foundation for effective shift planning and management.


Effortless Onboarding:


Bringing new employees on board had often been a cumbersome process. With Nine2Five, HR could seamlessly upload the staff handbook, generate an HR Privacy Notice, and create customized checklists, all from one centralized location. New hires received everything they needed to start their journey with Shop X, making the onboarding process faster and more efficient.


Health and Safety Compliance:


Ensuring health and safety compliance across five branches was a top priority for Shop X. Nine2Five provided tools to upload and manage health and safety documents with ease. The HR team could track employee certifications, perform safety audits, and receive timely reminders for renewals. This proactive approach to compliance instilled confidence in both employees and management.


Efficient Training Management:


Training and development played a crucial role in maintaining Shop X’s reputation for excellence. Nine2Five allowed HR to log and track employee training and CPD, making it easy to ensure everyone was up to date. Customizable appraisal processes and notifications streamlined performance evaluations, helping employees reach their full potential.


The Results:


With Nine2Five in place, Shop X underwent a remarkable transformation. HR processes that once consumed countless hours were now handled with ease and efficiency. Managers across the five branches could devote more time to delivering exceptional service to their customers, knowing that their HR operations were in capable hands.


The HR team’s newfound efficiency had a ripple effect throughout the organization. Employee morale improved as they received better guidance and clearer communication. Managers had more time to connect with their teams and address customer needs. Shop X saw a significant boost in productivity and a marked improvement in compliance across all branches.


In conclusion, Shop X’s success story illustrates how Nine2Five’s HR software can revolutionize HR processes for a multi-branch retail chain. It highlights how user-friendly technology can empower businesses, regardless of their size, to thrive and deliver an outstanding experience to both employees and customers. Shop X’s journey underscores the transformative impact of the right HR software on overall business success.

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