HR software designed to be more ‘human’

Helping streamline your HR management and make your 9 to 5 easier

Experience a difference in your working day with Nine2five HR software

Managing HR tasks in a busy work environment can be a challenge.

Whether you’re an HR specialist, business owner, team leader, or a manager juggling various roles, you need a system that’s uncomplicated and straightforward. You shouldn’t have to wrestle with complex software or be left stranded without support.

Enter Nine2five HR software – a cloud-based solution that’s both user-friendly and powerful. It’s scalable to fit any organization, customizable to your specific needs, and built for easy setup. With an intuitive interface, managing team data, employee records, and crucial documents becomes a breeze, all centralized in one place.

Experience a smoother, more efficient workday with Nine2five HR software – crafted for everyone, putting people first.

Improve your
working culture

Provide better
support to your staff

Improve workflow

Increase productivity for
a better working life

Secure & Mobile Compatible

Nine2five’s HR system is secure, mobile compatible and user friendly. It gives you instant screen access to staff job histories and performance management data, employment contracts, holidays and absences, appraisals, time-tracking, remuneration levels, expenses and much more.

HR Management Made Easier

Whether it’s for training and development, performance appraisal, compliance, or bespoke HR reports, the Nine2five human resource information system (HRIS) will transform your HR efforts.  HR administration and tasks are clearly mapped out on your customised dashboard, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

And should you need our help, our round the clock customer support, are there for you. No bots, no automated voice calls, real humans at the end of the phone line to support and guide you.

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